Funerals with Twentymans

For the majority of people throughout history, the simple act of gathering together following a death has had a major positive impact on healing.

Pricelist as of November 2021

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Our packages are designed for you to come together in support of each other, and celebrate the life of a loved one.

Contact us for a quote or to talk through how we can design a service to suit your needs and budget.

Our funeral fees

Funeral accounts generally involve three parts; Professional Fee, Casket, and Disbursements.

Twentymans professional fee – $3730

Our professional fee includes the following services:

  • Meeting with the family and taking instructions
  • Care and treatment of your loved one whilst in our funeral home, including washing and dressing

Arranging the service including:

  • Liaising with the Minister or Celebrant, Organist, Piper, Bugler, Videographers etc
  • Organising a venue, church or outdoor area
  • Collating and designing service sheets
  • Booking the Cemetery or Crematorium
  • Providing the correct authorities with the Medical Certificate, Cremation Certificates and Burial applications, registering the death with BDM
  • Organising newspaper notices
  • Use of vehicles such as hearses

This fee also covers overheads such as building lease, rates, insurance, health and safety, vehicles, power, IT, staff training and much more. It also allows us to have our staff available 24 hour a day.

In line with current business practice, a deposit of $2000 will now be charged on all funerals other than direct cremations.


Our casket prices range from $495.00 for a basic cremation casket to $4995.00 for a solid timber casket. The average cost is around $975.00, please see a sample of the range we have to offer below.

Akaroa Pine Casket

Akaroa Pine Casket

Recycled Native Timber Casket

Recycled Native Timber Casket

Status Maori Carved Casket

Status Maori Carved Casket

Status Rimu Casket

Status Rosewood Casket

Status Rosewood Casket

Status Rimu Casket

View the latest selection from Western Caskets.


These are fees that are paid on your behalf. They are charged at cost with no mark up.

  • Newspaper notices in NZ Herald (other Newspapers similar cost) – price on application
  • Minister fees $150.00 – $300.00
  • Celebrant fees $250.00 – $500.00
  • Venue hire $150.00 – 200.00
  • Bagpiper, Organist etc $100.00 – $200.00
  • Cremation Fee – Thames Valley Crematory – $750.00

Additional Services

Care and preparation options (Embalming)

Should the family wish to view their loved one, then Twentymans recommend embalming.

The cost of embalming is: 

  • Meeting with the family and taking instructions
  • Care and treatment of your loved one whilst in our funeral home, including washing and dressing

Arranging the service including:

  • Normal case: $795.00
  • Post Mortem case: $950.00

Should the family not wish to view then Twentymans are able to hold your loved one in a climate controlled environment.

These costs are as follows: 

  • Care overnight (including two hours of viewing) $85.00
  • Care for up to five days (includes basic hygenic care, dressing and casketing, and no viewings) $517.50

Callout Fees

With the changes in the Employment Act coming into force on 1st April 2018 (following the Employment court ruling on Rest Home carers), Twentymans are now legally obliged to pay call out fees to employees for work conducted outside normal work hours.

Currently, our normal office hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

Extra Charges And After Hours Fees

  • Call out fees (nights, weekends, and public holidays): $95.00
  • Weekend Funerals: $175.00
  • After hours viewings (after 5pm or during weekends): $95.00

Service Sheets

$115 set up fee and $2.30 each (including one photo change).

Family receives a proof sheet by email to check spelling etc. 

Each subsequent change will incur a $50 charge per change. 

When service sheets are required to be produced within 24 hours of a service start time, they will incur an extra $115 charge.

Extra Charges

  • Flowers: Fresh floral arrangements from $150 – $450 approximately.
  • Funeral Catering: Finger food from $13.80 per person approximately.

Slideshow/Photo Display

We recommend 50 plus photos with one piece of music – $230.00
For 50 photos and up to a max of 75 photos (2-3 pieces of music required) $230.00
Extra USB copies of service $25.00 each


In addition to normal travel, conveyance to churches for Rosary is $175.00

We also offer

Grahamstown Chapel


2 hours with Funeral Director in attendance and complimentary digital recording of service


Recording of funeral service from offsite location, including live streaming, from $600

Live funeral webcast


From Thames Chapel