Memorials with Twentymans

A memorial service is similar to a funeral service in many ways. The main difference is that at a funeral, the body is present as a focal point for the service, whether in a closed or open casket, but at a memorial service, the body is not present. Usually, a framed portrait or an urn serves as the focal point at a memorial service.

Having a ceremony to celebrate the life of a loved one, and offer an opportunity to mourn the loss allows friends and family from near and far to acknowledge the reality of the situation and serves as a good starting marker on the road to healing.

Our memorial fees

Pricelist as of 1 November 2023

Our packages are designed for you to come together in support of each other, and celebrate the life of a loved one.

Contact us for a quote or to talk through how we can design a service to suit your needs and budget.

Memorial Professional Service Fees

Memorial Service in the Grahamstown Chapel with a Twentymans Funeral Director in attendance: $1425.00

Memorial Service Professional Fee held elsewhere:


These are fees that are paid on your behalf. They are charged at cost with no mark up.

  • Newspaper notices in NZ Herald (other Newspapers similar cost) – price on application
  • Minister fees: $150.00 – $450.00
  • Celebrant fees: $250.00 – $500.00
  • Bagpiper, Organist etc: $100.00 – $300.00
  • Florist and Catering: Please refer to our list of local service partners for options.

Additional Services


In addition to normal travel, conveyance to churches for Rosary is $175.00

Service Sheets

$115 set up fee and $2.30 each (including one photo change). Minimum of 30.

Family receives a proof sheet by email to check spelling etc. Each subsequent change will incur a $50 charge per change. When service sheets are required to be produced within 48 hours of a service start time, they will incur an extra $115 charge.

Slideshow/Photo Display

We recommend 45 – 50 photos with one piece of music.

45 – 50 Photos plus Music: $150.00
50 – 75 Photos plus Music: $230.00
Please note 75 photos is  the maximum and 2 – 3 pieces of music will be required.

Twentymans require all photos and information 24 hours before the service. If received the same day as the service, an additional charge pf $115 will apply.

Extra USB

Additional copies of service: $30.00 each

We also offer


Offsite location including Live Streaming from

Live funeral webcast


Funeral Service at Grahamstown Chapel, Thames