Frequently Asked Questions

Twentymans has been committed to serving our community longer than any other funeral business in New Zealand.

What does a funeral director do for the cost?

A funeral will typically require 16-20 hrs of a funeral director’s time. Their fee also covers overheads such as vehicles, premises, staff salaries and a 24 hour service.

Your Twentymans Funeral Director is available to:

  • Meet with you to ascertain your family’s wishes
  • Transport the deceased
  • Liaise with the doctor, hospital and coroner as necessary
  • Register the death
  • Prepare the deceased
  • Organise newspaper notices
  • Arrange and attend the service
  • Organise catering
  • Provide service sheets
  • Organise other requirements for the service such as audio or  video recording
  • Liaise with the florist, minister or celebrant
  • Organise the burial or cremation with local authorities
  • Provide the dependability of a thorough, professional and high quality service

I am worried about how much I can afford but want a memorable funeral for my loved one. What does it cost?

There are many aspects that you can have friends or family arrange to save on costs. We believe we can provide a funeral service to meet every family’s needs, regardless of financial circumstances.

Talk to your funeral director for an idea of costs for the service that you have in mind.

What if I’m worried I still won’t be able to afford to pay?

There are Government agencies such as WINZ and ACC that can help. It’s important to contact them as early as possible to start the process.

Who will be sent the invoice?

We normally send our invoice, along with the death certificate, to your family solicitor, or to the person who has signed the authority form by email followed by the original documents in the post.

Who is responsible for payment?

Naturally, the person who is making arrangements with our funeral director is ultimately the person responsible for paying the invoice. In line with any commercial practice, your funeral director requires payment by the due date. When the settlement of the estate is delayed, families should pay the account by the due date and recover the amount from the estate.

What does the invoice cover?

Our funeral director incurs costs and also acts as an agent for other suppliers. Therefore, your invoice from Twentymans is actually three accounts in one: Our charges for services; the casket; and reimbursements for items paid by us. Some local authorities charge you directly for their services rendered (e.g. burial plots and cremation fees).