Regional Road Closures – Twentymans Service Update

Twentymans are still currently operating, however with the number of road closure changing by the hour we may only be able to service Thames, Paeroa, Ngatea, and Waihi or transport from Waikato Hospital to Thames at this stage. Places on the Eastern seaboard and North of Thames are problematical.

  • Should we be able to travel to Whangamata / Tairua  area, we will need to travel via Waihi (approximately a 2-hour trip one way to Tairua)
  • Coromandel  /Whitianga, we will need to travel via Coromandel to Whitianga – and additional hour.

As you may appreciate this will mean increase costs on families at a time of stress and uncertainty which we are very concerned about. Please ensure you read our current prices as shown on the Twentymans website – particularly kilometre charges and overnight stays in our facility.

To this end we have decided that should a family have a suitable vehicle that can take a mattress then (despite the Act saying otherwise), we feel that families may wish to transport themselves BUT will need to phone for advice on how to transport deceased persons and paperwork needed from a docter or nurse practitioner BEFORE travel. Please note this is contrary to rules around transporting of deceased persons but times like these we need to allow for left field thinking!

Burials will be unlikely to be able to take place in the immediate future but check with local Council around this issue. Any concerns please note that a staff member will be answering the phones 24/7 but at times there may be an overload (only 1 person after-hours and on weekends). In October 2022, Twentymans were advised that gas for our cremators had increased by 30% but because of the difficult times prevailing at present, Thames Valley Crematory Ltd has NOT increased their cremation charges. Twentymans Funeral Services Ltd and  Thames Valley Crematory Ltd share your concerns around increasing costs and the problems currently facing the communities in our area – PLEASE note we will endeavour to help wherever , whenever we can – just phone our qualified staff for advice.

Take care, The team at Twentymans

A complaint has been made to Police HQ Wellington regarding Twentymans website and Facebook page re transport of deceased persons.

At 17.58 last night the NZ Police phoned asking that we remove the wording around ‘direct transport of deceased persons’.

The Health [Burial] Regulation 1946 was cited, in particular Regulation 38 which states:  “no person shall move a dead body from a MORTUARY except in a coffin or other suitable receptacle of a kind used by a funeral director”.

Police are concerned that families MAY transport without correct paperwork.  Our Website/Facebook page is quite specific:  before any deceased person can be moved from anywhere [other than a long-term patient of a rest home] a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner must sight the deceased and complete : HP4720 and Cremation Paperwork –Form A and B [if cremation is required-  for burial only – HP4720 is required.]


If you have recently lost a loved one, please give us a call on (07) 868 6003 to discuss what the best options are for you.