Taking on responsibility for arranging your own funeral sits more comfortably with many people, rather than leaving all the decisions to grieving family and friends.

This is why a Twentymans’ pre-arranged funeral is a popular service with many of our customers.

Whether you just want to be organised, or you find comfort in providing reassurance to those left behind that they are fulfilling your final wishes, Twentymans can take you step by step through the process of pre-arranging your own funeral.

Your preferences for all aspects of your funeral will be confidentially recorded and a copy of these instructions can be kept with us if you wish.

Free planning consultation
One of our experienced directors can lead you through the general funeral process if you need help to consider the options.

Need to talk? Call one of our experienced Twentymans team.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pre-paying


Is my money safe?
This is a legal and binding contract and the funds are lodged with one of the major four trading banks, in an interest bearing deposit account. These funds are held separately and independently of all other business/trading accounts .

Is there any tax?
There is no tax issues for you.

Are there any administration costs or hidden charges?
No, there are no hidden commissions or administration charges.

What if the funeral costs are less than the amount in the prepaid fund?
Any excess after funeral expenses are paid, is paid back to your estate.

What if the funeral costs more than my fund?
If the cost of the funeral exceeds the amount of the prepaid funeral plus accumulated interest, then the estate, or next of kin, will be responsible for any deficit in funeral expenses payable to us.

Can I withdraw from the contract?
No, but we will of course consider unique circumstances such as relocating outside New Zealand.

Can I pre-arrange my funeral, without having to pay now?
Yes, we have an alternative arrangement where you can just pre-plan your funeral service and have your details held on file. Payment arrangements would then be made with your executor or next of kin at the time of your death. You can convert from just pre-planned to pre-planned and prepaid at any time.


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